How to Accomplish Wonders with Little ‘Picture Stories’ & Unlock                                the Genius in Your Young Children & Grandchildren                     

            – Almost Effortlessly!!!

Could a Beautiful Book Series Give Your Children a Learning Advantage for LIFE?


All the world’s languages are composed of about 800 language sounds (600 consonants and 200 vowels)! Babies hear and can distinguish between all 800, while most adults can only distinguish about 40 sounds!

Newborns have over 85 billion brain neurons – twice as many as adults! As we grow into adulthood, half of the neurons are pruned away (synaptic pruning) during early childhood years based on what we’re seeing, hearing, learning, and experiencing!

Unused connections will eventually be eliminated. By stimulating very young babies and children with images connected to words and ideas and providing a positive, loving environment, these children will strengthen their learning neurons. Those connections will remain as the child develops before entering school, during their formative years, and beyond.

Babies, toddlers, and early school-aged children are hungry to learn! We believe in saturating young minds, before birth and beyond, with beautiful words and concepts from our world. They’ll discover imaginative illustrations to connect these words and ideas, providing them with the learning advantage we all hope and wish for the children we care for and love!


Why You’ll Love Our Books

  OurWomb to BLOOM to Classroom” Series is for ages Prenatal babies to age 8. The Mystery Hunters” Seriesfor ages 8-13, will engage the reader to join the mystery hunt while learning facts on Mythology, Astronomy, Mathematics, Continents, and more!

  We encourage parents to begin reading to their Prenatal Babies and Beyond.

  • OurWomb to BLOOM to Classroom” Series is for ages Prenatal babies to age 8. We’ve written 5-book sets on subjects including Mathematics, Science, Astronomy, Literature, Art, and more! Beautiful Children’s Picture Books that teach very young children new concepts with stunning illustrations!

  • “The Mystery Hunters” Series are educational workbooks created in a mystery series format for ages 8-13. The reader becomes part of the mystery hunt and searches for 7 answers in each of the seven chapters. The authors provided blank pages for the readers to sketch themselves in a few of the scenes.


“Numbers from Heaven” Mathematics One: Book One (Prenatal Babies – Age 8)

#Make the Rainbow Godly Again

“Blueberry Pi” Mathematics One: Book Two

“Heads or Tails?” Mathematics One: Book Three

“The Golden Spiral” Mathematics One: Book Four

“Crystal Clear” Mathematics One: Book Five

“Time in a Bottle” Archaeology: Book One

“A Jar of Honey” Archaeology: Book Two

“Sunken Treasure Chests” Archaeology: Book Three

“Flyin’ High” Archaeology: Book Four

“Cleopatra Cat” Archaeology: Book Five

For Ages 8-13 – The Mystery Hunters Series: “The Lost Polymath” Book One – Continents

“Chaos & The Missing Butterfly” The Mystery Hunters Series: Book Two – Mathematics

“The Missing Speed of Light” The Mystery Hunters Series: Book Three – Astronomy

“The Missing Mythological Wings”: The Mystery Hunters Series: Book Four – Mythology


Why Did We Write Our Picture Books?

      Mathematics One: "Numbers from Heaven," "Blueberry Pi," "Heads or Tails?" "The Golden Spiral," & "Crystal Clear" OUR STORY My dad loves science. My mom loves to read. She planned on being an English teacher but took another path. When she was...

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“Time in a Bottle” Archaeology: Book One

"Time in a Bottle" Archaeology: Book One Our next book, "Time in a Bottle" Archaeology: Book One, will be available June 15, 2021, on Amazon and other sites. Zoey Zebra, and P.B., the panda bear, begin their adventure at the local museum. They learn about prehistoric...

“Crystal Clear” Mathematics One: Book Five

"Crystal Clear" Mathematics One: Book Five "Crystal Clear" Mathematics One: Book Five, our last book in the Mathematics One set, is now available on Amazon! Zoey and P.B. search for the new treasure chest left by Zoey's grandpa. They learn about prime numbers,...

“The Golden Spiral,” Mathematics: Book Four

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“Chaos & The Missing Butterfly,” Book Two: Mathematics

"Chaos & The Missing Butterfly," Book Two: Mathematics "What does a butterfly have to do with Mathematics?" "Who stole the famous butterfly and why?" "Who loves mathematics enough to steal math?" Along with their two friends, Sarah and Christian, accept the...

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