“Chaos & The Missing Butterfly,” Book Two: Mathematics

“What does a butterfly have to do with Mathematics?” “Who stole the famous butterfly and why?” “Who loves mathematics enough to steal math?” Along with their two friends, Sarah and Christian, accept the challenge, even though there’s an unseen force trying to stop them from finding the answers. Their “waking dreams” help provide clues to solve the mystery. Their two friends join them on their adventure.

A team of international thieves may be stealing mathematical and scientific objects to sell. Will the team solve the mystery?

The reader will join the team and complete 7 questions in each of the seven chapters. The authors have provided blank pages for each reader to sketch themselves in scenes from the book. Join us in the mystery hunt.

Our next book in this 16-Book Series, “The Missing Speed of Light,” Book Three: Astronomy, will be available July 1, 2021.


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