Mathematics One: “Numbers from Heaven,” “Blueberry Pi,” “Heads or Tails?” “The Golden Spiral,” & “Crystal Clear”


My dad loves science. My mom loves to read. She planned on being an English teacher but took another path.

When she was pregnant, my mom researched how to give children an educational advantage before and during their formative years with only a little time and money. So, she began reading me books from around the house on science, history, poetry, art, stories from The Bible, and more. Most of these books weren’t written for children, and only a few had pictures or illustrations.

When I was three, I began asking questions about Einstein, God, how to write music, why there are so many stars, and much more! My first question that reminded her about reading all those books to me was: “What’s quantum – by Einstein?” She responded, “Einstein’s quantum physics theory states that time is not constant. It changes. For instance, a day on earth is 24 hours, and a day on Saturn is around 10 hours.” She said I smiled and remarked, “I know! Only God’s constant!”

As I grew older, I had so many questions on a variety of topics and was interested in everything! Family, friends, and teachers remarked to my parents that my vocabulary, along with my knowledge and grasp of so many different topics, were beyond my years. It was kind of them, but I wasn’t aware there was anything remarkable about my curiosity.

After I started college, my mom and I often spoke about writing children’s picture books with beautiful illustrations connecting concepts on mathematics, astronomy, archaeology, art, music, continents, and so much more. So, over the last few years, we researched the importance of reading to babies and children and how to strengthen their cognitive abilities. To our surprise, there’s significant scientific PROOF on the advantage of reading to a prenatal baby and beyond.

Just a few things we discovered:

  • Parents and grandparents report they don’t always have the time to assist their young children and grandchildren in the learning process and don’t know where to begin.

  • Childcare programs are closing nationwide, and many working parents can’t afford childcare. (

  • noted some alarming statistics:

    • In 30 states and Washington, D.C., center-based childcare for infants and toddlers is more expensive than in-state tuition and fees at a public university.

    • Only 10% of childcare programs nationwide are rated as high-quality.

  • Forty percent (40%) of grandparents provide some childcare for their grandchildren. One in 10 American children (75 million kids) are living in a household with at least one grandparent. (




  • 90% of a child’s mind develops by the age of 5! According to researchers, prenatal babies can hear rhythms and sounds. “They can even understand these sounds well enough to retain memories after birth.” ( The Children’s Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia notes that reading to a baby starting in the womb is essential in setting a child up for successful learning.

  • Research confirms that reading daily to a newborn and beyond, for 7 minutes or more, can boost a child’s vocabulary by over 2 million words by age 7!

  • “Young children whose parents read them five books a day enter kindergarten having heard about 1.4 million more words than kids who were never read to, a new study found.” (

    Scientists and researchers agree – it’s never too late to begin reading to a child! 

  • All the world’s languages are composed of about 800 language sounds! Babies hear and can distinguish between all 800, while most adults can only distinguish around 40 sounds!

  • Newborns have over 85 billion brain neurons – twice as many as adults! As we grow into adulthood, half of these neurons are pruned away (synaptic pruning) during early childhood based on what we’re learning, hearing, and experiencing. Our brains will eventually eliminate these unused connections!

  • By stimulating babies and children with beautiful images and connecting these with ideas and concepts, those learning neurons strengthen and remain with children as they develop into their formative years and beyond.

  • Reading is an essential skill, but hearing books read aloud has amazing benefits long before your children enter kindergarten. They learn language skills, introducing them to new words and complex language while bonding with the parent, grandparent, or caregiver.

  • Young children have been among those hardest hit by academic disruptions during the pandemic! Experts worry that already overwhelmed early-childhood-education teachers will grapple with a rocky transition as those students enter or return to school…. That’s the consensus of a new research analysis by 11 university and independent research groups tracking education for children ages 0-8 (roughly preschool through grade 3) during the pandemic.” Sarah D. Sparks —


  • Each of our children’s picture books ends with a rhyming poem. Research shows the correlation between rhyming and learning to read (phonological awareness), allowing children to practice words and discover patterns in language.

  • It only takes 7 minutes a day to read a picture book to a child! Those precious minutes create an enduring relationship with the child and a love for reading & learning that lasts a LIFETIME while giving your child a learning advantage for life!


Zoey Zebra and her best friend, P.B., the panda, search for a Treasure Chest on each adventure. They bring friends and family to join in the fun along the way. They learn about knowledge and wisdom – two very different things. The friends also discover the importance of family, friendship, and sharing! Join them on The Great Treasure Hunt!

We wrote several five-book sets on a variety of subjects. These beautiful books are illustrated by an incredibly talented artist, Kimmo Hellström.

Zoey Zebra, and her best friend, P.B., the panda, search for treasure chests on THE GREAT TREASURE HUNT! Zoey’s grandpa left keys and instructions for each treasure hunt. Along the way, the two friends invite other friends to join them as they learn about math, science, art, astronomy, languages, countries, and so much more! They also learn about the importance of family, friendship, and sharing.

Join us on THE GREAT LEARNING REVOLUTION! Share the love of reading and learning with your children for just 7 minutes a day, giving them an educational advantage for life! All this from the convenience of your home. Our beautifully illustrated books cost only a tiny fraction compared to other educational programs. You and your children will love our books!

The Great Learning Revolution!!!

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