What are the keys to building a strong relationship with your children? We’d love to hear your ideas or experiences you’ve shared with children. These are from my mom.

1) Leaving a special note by their beds at night with a simple encouraging thought or memory. 2) Making cupcakes with them … letting them frost each cupcake with colorful frosting and as many sprinkles as the cupcake can hold (or not hold). 3) Reading bedtime stories that encourage their imaginations. 4) Making snowmen or snow angels. 5) Drawing and coloring a scene from their imagination. 6) Adding glitter to every picture (yes, I know some of you don’ like glitter or cleaning up glitter. But my mom loves it. “Who wouldn’t love something that sparkles?” I’m not a fan, but my cousins loved it. 7) Creating a family time capsule and burying it for someone to uncover a hundred years from now. 8) Creating your own kaleidoscope. 9) Sharing stories from your grandparents and great grandparents. 10) Painting stones with designs.

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