The Lost Polymath


“The Lost Polymath” written by Kurtis and Ramona Palmer is the first book in the Mystery Hunters Series. Meant for children ages 8 to 13, this book is sure to ignite the interest of children who loves to solve one mystery after another. This is not the usual reference book that will teach you straightaway subjects like mathematics, science, or geography. It is an interactive book that will invite the reader to be a part of the story and to solve the mystery about Professor Septenary. By writing their names within the book itself, the reader will take part in trying to find out about the lost professor, teaming up with mystery hunters Sarah and Christian. They can even draw a picture of themselves on pages reserved for our young detectives.

Aside from being included in the story, the reader will also have the chance to answer several questions within each chapter of the book. In this way, reading becomes even more fun and exciting! By not giving information directly, the reader is urged to research for the answer needed, and this method allows them to recall important facts more effectively. In some instances, they may already know the exact answer to some questions, and being able to write them down right away becomes even a more satisfying activity. It’s not quite often that I find a unique combination of information, mystery, and fun in a book. “The Lost Polymath” is definitely a good read, especially for very inquisitive kids. I know that my nephew is one and I could almost see him excitedly trying to put together the various clues in the story. I just love a good mystery, especially if it’s a book that could also take me to beautiful places around the world.

Though I’m already a grownup, I must admit that I have learned much from this story. I even did my research to find out several facts I didn’t know before about the places mentioned in the book. On top of all that, the book also has a bonus titled “The Mystery of the Missing Milk”, a prequel to the series. I can’t wait to read it, too. This is a very well written and researched book that will captivate the interest of inquisitive readers, rewarding them with knowledge and a sense of adventure they truly deserve.

Professional & Independent Reviewer, Jocelyn Soriano, Reedsy International

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