“Numbers from Heaven” Mathematics One: Book One

We are excited about receiving 5 Stars & 2 Thumbs Up!

Reviewed by Jocelyn Soriano

Editorial Reviews

“Numbers from Heaven” by Kurtis C. R. Palmer & Ramona Palmer is the first picture book in the “Womb to BLOOM to Classroom” series. It has vividly beautiful 3D illustrations that almost leap out of the book’s pages, quickly capturing the interest of young ones. From the very first pages, they’d want to follow Zoey Zebra and P.B., the panda bear, learning and even enhancing the power of their imagination. This book opens to children a whole new world that’s not only educational but also fun and worth their time. Parents and their kids can spend precious bonding moments while learning to count and even recognize some colors. The story itself takes the child to simple exercises in counting, allowing the young one to master the number being taught. Zoey’s story also contains some mystery that kids can look forward to. As she discovers the treasure chest left by her Grandpa, who knows what wonders await her and her friend as they try to unlock the secret behind each key that they possess? Being the first book in a whole series that promises to teach various subjects, parents and children can definitely look forward to new adventures with Zoey and her friends. I was so happy when the book even presented a bonus animated reading of the story for those who subscribe to their Newsletter. I watched it right away and I couldn’t wait to watch for more. I’m certain my nephews would enjoy both the book and the animation as they get to know Zoey and her set of friends. Two thumbs up and five stars for this educational and fun-filled book! REVIEWED BY Jocelyn Soriano

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