“The Missing Speed of Light” Book Three: Astronomy

The Missing Speed of Light

Our third book in “The Mystery Hunters” Series, The Missing Speed of Light, Book Three: Astronomy, is available on Amazon. Sarah and Christian have mysterious dreams that provide clues to help solve each mystery on their journey, while an unseen force tries to stop them from completing their quest. This series engages the reader and a friend to become team members.

“The Missing Speed of Light” Book Three: Astronomy

“The Missing Speed of Light” Book Three: Astronomy

Join Us on The Great Mystery Hunt!

“The Mystery Hunters” Series

The Missing Speed of Light is our third book in “The Mystery Hunters” Series. The speed of light, a meteor, Jupiter’s Ring, a galaxy, and other cosmic masses are missing from the heavens. Who could remove these objects from our universe, and why? Could these missing celestial bodies and this missing force cause our world to collapse? Will Sarah, Christian, and their two friends be able to find the missing objects and return them to the universe before it’s too late?

The One, The Three

We search the heavens for life
To prove we’re not alone
We send rockets, spaceships, and satellites
To justify our search for the unknown

We dream of other beings and races
We imagine their good intentions
Could they be on Venus or other places?
Will they gift us new inventions?

We look to the heavens and ask God why
 He created billions of planets and stars
Why would we need those objects in the sky?
Why would we need Arion, Neri, or Saffar?

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