“The Lost Polymath” Book One: Continents

The Book That Started It All!

The first book in “The Mystery Hunters” Series is The Lost Polymath, Book One: Continents. Sarah and Christian have mysterious dreams that provide clues to help solve each mystery on their journey, while an unseen force tries to stop them from completing their quest. This series engages the reader and a friend to become members of the team. Everyone purchasing The Lost Polymath will receive the BONUS download of the Prequel “The Mystery of the Missing Milk,” when you join our Newsletter Family.

The Mystery of the Missing Milk.

Milk is nourishing and sweet
It builds strong muscles from your head to your feet!   
There is a Promised Land flowing with milk and honey
Eight bottles for just $1.28, not so much money!
Babies need milk to grow strong and tall
It only costs $1.28, not much money at all!
Can kindness come in a bottle of milk?
Does it drip from your lips like satin or silk?

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“The Lost Polymath” Book One: Continents

“The Lost Polymath” Book One: Continents

Join Us on The Great Mystery Hunt!

“The Mystery Hunters” Series

The Lost Polymath is our first book in “The Mystery Hunters Series. Sarah and Christian are searching for Professor Septenary. He left the college campus on a Friday afternoon and is missing. Professor S was searching for “The Mysteries of the Number Seven” on his vacations. Where could he be? Will Sarah, Christian, and their two friends find him before he’s lost forever?

“We bow, and we rise like the sun. Land to land, I’m almost done. Swords of steel, five stars, rings of fire. Mysteries of numbers, and the knowledge I desire. From the Pacific Ocean, I can sea … lands that are a mystery to me.”

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