How to Accomplish Wonders with Little Picture Stories &
Unlock the Genius in Your Young Children  & Grandchildren


Our Story: My dad loves science. My mom loves to read. She planned on being an English teacher but took another path. 

When she was pregnant, my mom researched how to give children an educational advantage before and during their formative years with only a little time and money. So, she began reading me books from around the house on Science, History, Art, stories from The Bible, and more. Most of these books weren’t written for children and only had a few pictures.

When I was around three, I began asking questions about Einstein, God, how to write music, why there are so many stars, and much more! My first question that reminded her about reading all those books to me was: “What’s quantum – by Einstein?” She explained, “Einstein’s quantum theory states that time isn’t constant. It changes. For instance, a day on earth is 24 hours, and a day on Saturn is around 10 hours.” She said I smiled and remarked, “I know! Only God’s constant!”

We believe, and the research supports, reading to children fosters imagination while entertaining, educating, elevating, & inspiring them to love reading and learning!

As I grew older, I had so many questions on a variety of topics and was interested in everything! Family, friends, and teachers remarked to my parents that my vocabulary, and my knowledge and grasp of so many different topics, were amazing. It was kind of them, but I wasn’t aware of anything remarkable about my curiosity. My parents invested time and energy instructing me to focus on my ability to be a critical thinker – to think for myself and not depend on teachers, the media, and other influencers to shape my opinions or beliefs. They also encouraged me to be interested in my connections to the world around me.

After I started college, my mom and I often spoke about writing children’s picture books with beautiful illustrations connecting concepts on Mathematics, Astronomy, Archaeology, Art, Continents, and so much more. So, we began researching the importance of reading to babies and children and how to strengthen their cognitive abilities.

We wanted to offer the same opportunities to your young children and grandchildren, so we wrote several five-book sets on a variety of subjects in our Womb to BLOOM to Classroom Series!

Along the way, we discovered some surprising facts and alarming statistics!

Some Alarming Statistics…

Parents and grandparents report they don’t have much time to teach their young children and grandchildren and often don’t know where to begin.

Only one (1) in ten (10) parents read to their child once a week. Yet more than nine (9) out of ten (10) parents of minor children say it’s important to them that their children read books. The frequency with which parents read to children may reflect the value they place on encouraging their children to read. ( noted some alarming statistics:

*In more than 30 states, center-based childcare for infants and toddlers is more expensive than in-state tuition and fees at a public university.
*Only 10% of childcare programs nationwide are rated as high-quality.

According to the U.S. Census, there are roughly 7 million households with children under the age of five (and that figure doesn’t include households supporting grandchildren) or close to 25 million children! That means, on average, American families spend about $9,000 out-of-pocket annually or $750 a month on childcare and early education alone (2022 estimates). (

Our ENTIRE Womb to BLOOM to Classroom 60-picture book series purchased during one of our special discount offers, costs between $600-$900-$1500, depending on the offer and format!

Forty percent (40%) of grandparents provide some childcare for their grandchildren. One in 10 American children lives in a household with at least one grandparent. (

“So many parents still hand over much of their authority to the world around them, trusting that the culture and its primary actors will act with their kids’ best interests in mind.” (The Boston Herald)

It’s clear this is no longer true! We must begin teaching our children and grandchildren at home before and during preschool and their attendance in the public school system. We must educate them, teach them our values, and instruct them on how to discern everything they see and hear! Parents and grandparents must be the “primary actors” in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

The Federalist magazine reports that our children are the least religious, most politically wackadoodle, and possibly the most religiously and historically illiterate generation in American history and that the primary concern is the public school system. 

Many concerned parents and grandparents fear that the preschool & public school environments are increasingly toxic to children. We can no longer depend on or put our faith in these learning institutions.

We must begin teaching our young children and grandchildren at home before they enter preschool & public school and continue to guide and instruct them. This will provide them with a learning advantage for life!

Some Amazing Discoveries!!!

There’s Significant Scientific Proof of the Advantage of Reading Daily  to a Prenatal Baby and Beyond! YOU CAN Give Your Young Children & Grandchildren a Learning Advantage for Life… 

In Just 7+ Minutes a Day!!!

90% of a child’s mind develops by the age of 5!

Early brain development has a lasting impact on a child’s ability to learn and succeed in school and life. The quality of a child’s experiences in the first few years of life – positive or negative – helps shape how their brain develops. 

Children are more likely to learn when they feel safe and comfortable.

In these first five years of their life, they’ll learn and develop fundamental skills, such as walking, talking, identifying letters, words, colors, shapes, and more. It’s essential that children learn in a positive and nurturing environment (at home and school) to encourage life-long learning. ( noted, and educational researchers confirm, reading three to five books daily to a child from birth to age seven can boost a child’s vocabulary by nearly

Two Million Words!!!

According to researchers, prenatal babies can hear rhythms and sounds. “They can even understand these sounds well enough to retain memories after birth.” (

The Children’s Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia (CRFMC) notes that reading to a baby starting in the womb is vital in setting a child up for successful learning. Scientists and researchers agree – it’s never too early or too late to start reading to a child! Begin reading to your child today! You’ll provide them with a solid foundation to love reading and learning while spending quality time together.

All the world’s languages are composed of about 800 sounds. Babies hear and can distinguish between all 800 sounds, while most adults can only distinguish around 40! ( It’s critical that young children hear the kind and supportive voices of those that love and care for them. But we wanted to expand each child’s learning experience.

We’ve hired Voice Talent from around the world to narrate our Animated Readings for your mobile devices.

Your children and grandchildren will hear beautiful accents and inflections while continuing to learn and be entertained!

Newborns have over 85 billion brain neurons – twice as many as adults! Half of these neurons are pruned away during early childhood as we grow into adulthood based on what we’re learning, hearing, and experiencing. ( Our brains will eventually eliminate unused connections!

Our Womb to BLOOM to Classroom Picture Books & Animated Readings provide beautiful illustrations with concepts and ideas, strengthening and retaining those critical learning neurons in babies and children!

Reading is an essential skill, but hearing books read aloud has amazing benefits long before children enter kindergarten. They learn language skills, introducing them to new words and complex language while bonding with the parent, grandparent, or caregiver. (

Building literacy and language skills help children be kindergarten-ready, so they enter school with a love of books and are ready to learn. This is important for school success because eventually, they move from learning to read to reading to learn. At that point, if children struggle with reading, they’ll struggle with learning. (

Each of our children’s picture books ends with a rhyming poem. Research shows the correlation between rhyming and learning to read (phonological awareness), allowing children to practice words and discover patterns in language. (

By stimulating babies and children with beautiful images from our Womb to BLOOM to Classroom Picture Book Series and our Animated Readings & connecting these with ideas and concepts, their learning neurons strengthen and remain with them as they develop and grow.

When you read to children, you present each child with a priceless gift that ignites a spark to love reading & learning.


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              Zoey Zebra, and her best friend, P.B., the panda, search for treasure chests.               Zoey’s grandpa left behind keys and instructions for each treasure hunt. 

Along the way, the two friends invite other friends to join them to learn about Math, Science, Astronomy, Languages & Countries, and so much more!

They also learn about the importance of Family, Friendship, and Sharing.

While your children and grandchildren may not be able to grasp Symmetry or Prehistoric Archaeology at their young ages, they’ll begin to connect these beautiful illustrations to each concept when they hear the words and are mesmerized by each image. The memory of The Golden Ratio in plants and even galaxies will stay with them as they learn about our world!

“Crystal Clear” Mathematics One: Book Five

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“Flyin’ High!” Archaeology: Book Four 

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Each workbook is written in the Mystery Adventure format. Your children and grandchildren will search for 7 answers in each of the seven chapters to learn about each topic. We’ve provided blank pages for the readers to sketch themselves in a couple of scenes from each book. They become members of the Mystery Hunters’ Team!

“The Lost Polymath” Continents: eBook One

(ADDED BONUS: Prequel eBook of “The Mystery of the Missing Milk”)

“Chaos & The Missing Butterfly” Mathematics: eBook Two

“The Missing Speed of Light” Astronomy: eBook Three &

“The Missing Mythological Wings” Mythology: eBook Four

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