“Heads or Tails?” Mathematics: Book Three

Mathematics One: Book Three

“Heads or Tails?” begins with Zoey Zebra and her best friend P.B., the panda bear. They discover a treasure chest left for Zoey by her grandpa. When the two friends open the chest, it’s filled with hundreds of keys. Each key opens a new treasure chest that unlocks one key to knowledge and wisdom … two very different things. Along the way, they learn about mathematics, but also the importance of family and friendship.

“Heads or Tails” Mathematics: Book Three – Trailer

Illustrations from “Heads or Tails?”

“Heads or Tails?” Mathematics One: Book Three

Join Us on the Treasure Hunt!

“Womb to BLOOM to Classroom”

“Heads or Tails?” is our third book in the “Womb to BLOOM to Classroom” Series. When you purchase each book in this series and join our Newsletter Family, you’ll receive updates on future books and information on bonus gifts.

Zoey Zebra, P.B., the panda bear, and Polly Pony learn about multiplying, dividing, and the mathematical concept, Binomial.

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“The Golden Spiral,” Mathematics: Book Four

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