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Kurtis C.R. Palmer and his mom Ramona were inspired to write a series of children’s books. She and Kurt, her husband of over thirty years, read to their son before his birth and beyond. They believe this instilled a love for books and learning in their son. By the age of three, Kurtis asked for books for every birthday and Christmas. After several years his mom, tired of dusting hundreds of books, suggested he build a couple of libraries in his own home someday. Ramona and Kurtis both have degrees in Communications, with Kurtis completing a 3D animation program. The family lives in Upstate New York.

     The first picture book in their Womb to BLOOM to Classroom series, Numbers from HeavenMathematics One: Book One, begins with the story of Zoey Zebra and her best friend P.B., the panda bear. They discover a treasure chest left for Zoey by her grandpa. When the two friends open the chest, it’s filled with hundreds of keys. Each key opens a new treasure chest that unlocks one key to knowledge and wisdom … two very different things. This series has over 50 beautifully illustrated books by artist Kimmo Hellström, on Mathematics, Science, Zoology, Literature, and more. Their second series, for ages 8-13, The Mystery Hunters, begins with The Lost PolymathBook One: Continents. Sarah and Christian have mysterious dreams that provide clues to help solve each mystery on their journey, while an unseen force tries to stop them from completing their quest. This series engages the reader and a friend to become members of the team.

     Their family advocates reading to a child in utero and beyond, naming their company, Womb to BLOOM to Classroom. We now know that prenatal babies can hear and react to words and sounds and that 85% of a child’s brain develops by the age of 4! The family believes, and the research supports, reading to children fosters imagination while entertaining, educating, elevating, and inspiring them to love reading and learning.

     From their family to yours, enjoy reading to and with the children you love and care for each day.

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